$59 Cleaning, Exam and X-rays*

*For new patients without dental insurance coverage only.

At West Houston Dental Center, we want to help you maintain the best oral health possible. This starts with your oral hygiene routine at home. When you keep up with regular exams, cleanings, and x-rays, this allows us to diagnose potential problems in their earliest stages. We encourage you to visit our office for your next dental cleaning and get that bright clean smile that you can only get in the dentist’s office. As a new patient, come in to receive a cleaning, exam, and x-rays for only $59!


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What Others Are Saying

“If you are nervous about finding a new dentist, like I was a year ago after I relocated to Houston, you can stop worrying. My 1st cleaning, by Patricia, was amazing. She used a water jet type tool and then scraping and then polishing. So much nicer than the quick scrap and polish I was use to. I am a big baby when it comes to drilling, a result of many fillings without Novocaine in my youth, so I love the sedation mask the Doctor uses. It made me calm and helped him work on a crown and a root canal. If something is a little off, Dr. Bridger knows how to query and investigate your concern to satisfy you. This is the mark of a very experienced doctor. I recommended him and his office staff. My tooth feels great this morning, thanks Doc.”

– William S., Facebook

“I LOOOOVE this dentist, the staff is so sweet, and they always get me in at the exact time of my appointment. Stacey cleaned my teeth so well today. I have even referred my family to switch to this dentist. They’re great.”

– Nicole C., Google