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“Dr. Bridger and his staff have always taken the time to make every detail of my smile perfect. He is so knowledgeable, patient and kind. He really cares about his patients. His honesty is refreshing and his prices are reasonable. Finally, a dentist I'm not afraid of. Katheryne fit my crowns and I could not be happier. I have not always been a very nice or easy patient and she has always taken the time to make sure I'm completely relaxed and happy. I highly recommend Dr. Bridger to anyone looking for a new dentist.”
Wendy M., Google
“I just had my old veneers replaced by Dr. Bridger. I LOVE them!!!! Dr. Bridger & his staff are wonderfully patient and thorough. It's readily apparent that they truly care about their patients, and take pride in great results. If dentists make you nervous, like me, I recommend the sedation dentistry that Dr. Bridger offers to his patients. For me, it was well worth the little extra money.”
Dianne B., Yelp
“Dr. Bridger has been my dentist for over 30 years. During that time I have had cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canals and even one dental implant. I have always found Dr. Bridger and his staff to be the ultimate professionals, providing state-of-the-art dentistry and services. If you are looking for an outstanding dentist, you will be in good hands with Dr. Bridger and his team!”
Rick F., Yelp
“I broke a tooth Sunday night and was able to get an appointment first thing Tuesday morning to see Dr. Bridger. Ended up needing a crown - the 3rd one he has done for me. Staff is very inviting and makes you feel comfortable. They go over all payment info in advance of any treatment and explain any questions. His staff provides you a blanket during treatment and offers headphones to make you feel at ease. Dr. Bridger asks you multiple times throughout the procedure if you're doing ok, need anything, feeling comfortable - all things considered. Each evening after I've had a crown he personally calls to check up on you. Definitely recommend him - takes great care of his patients and follow up in the evening is unheard of. Whether for my 6 month check up or needing dental work, Dr. Bridger always takes plenty of time with his patients to put you at ease.”
Mydogand I., Yelp
“If you are nervous about finding a new dentist, like I was a year ago after I relocated to Houston, you can stop worrying. My 1st cleaning, by Patricia, was amazing. She used a water jet type tool and then scraping and then polishing. So much nicer than the quick scrap and polish I was use to. I am a big baby when it comes to drilling, a result of many fillings without Novocaine in my youth, so I love the sedation mask the Doctor uses. It made me calm and helped him work on a crown and a root canal. If something is a little off, Dr. Bridger knows how to query and investigate your concern to satisfy you. This is the mark of a very experienced doctor. I recommended him and his office staff. My tooth feels great this morning, thanks Doc.”
William S., Facebook
“First time seeing Dr. Bridger and his staff and I am soooo glad I chose them as my new dentist! Timely, friendly, informative and overall a great place with great people! Very reasonable and I would highly recommend them!”
Karen S., Facebook
“I have been going to Dr. Bridger for well over 20 plus years and he has taken excellent care of my teeth. It is very easy to get an appointment even if your crown fell off during the afternoon and you have a busy day. He will work you in. It is always a pleasure to see him and his staff. Very caring and friendly office. My grown children still go to him and they live across town. He will take excellent care of you and your family.”
Phoebe G., Facebook
“I am very happy with Dr. Bridger and his staff. His sedation dentistry has helped me immensely, I have issues with acute dental anxiety before, during, and even after dental treatments. Dr. Bridger helps make the dental experience much better with his treatment plans. Thank you.”
Christopher C., Google
“My wife found Dr. Bridger on Google and he had excellent reviews, so I made an appointment to have my aching tooth looked at. They were able to see me the next day, and got me right in when I arrived. They were incredibly thorough and didn't make me feel ashamed for not visiting the dentist more often. Their customer service and organization alone will make me refer everyone I know to Dr. Bridger. He has great bedside manner, attention to detail, and friendly staff. I have nothing negative to say. He is a true artist.”
JT B., Google
“I LOOOOVE this dentist, the staff is so sweet, and they always get me in at the exact time of my appointment. Stacey cleaned my teeth so well today. I have even referred my family to switch to this dentist. They’re great.”
Nicole C., Google
“Finally made the jump to dentures. I selected Dr. Bridger because of the positive reviews as well as his experience in the field of dentistry. While I am still adjusting to this new lifestyle, I've had to have more interaction with his office staff. All I can say is not only is Dr. Bridger excellent so is his staff. Great customer service. Kat, Kiara, Maria and Judith...keep up the great work that you’re doing! Need a dentist for anything, this is the place for you.”
Craig S., Google
“Dr. Bridger is my new dentist for life! He and his very professional office staff are friendly, caring and compassionate. It appears that they will do anything at all to make sure their patients are comfortable. Dr. Bridger performed an extraction of one of my teeth in preparation for a tooth implant. At no time did I feel any pain at all. It was amazing! Dr. Bridger is a very gentle dentist. I highly recommend his practice without reservation.”
Janet N., Google