A bridge restores your natural smile by replacing any missing teeth using a bridge of high-quality replacement teeth anchored by healthy, existing teeth. The replacements fill the empty space. As a result, a natural, beautiful smile is restored with a full set of teeth. Another benefit of the bridge is it keeps the remaining anchor teeth in their place. When there is an empty space due to missing teeth, the bone structure can dissolve and change over time. Eating and speaking can eventually become very difficult.

What is the Process?

First, Dr. Bridger will build supports using the existing, natural teeth to anchor the bridge in place. After the supports or abutments have been completed, a mold will be created of the entire area where the bridge is to be placed. That unique mold will then be used by our lab to create your custom-fitted bridge, which will fit perfectly into the space between your remaining teeth. The custom bridge will feel just as natural as your real teeth. Crowns will be placed on your real teeth at each end of the bridge to keep the replacement teeth from moving out of position.

While you wait for your permanent, custom-fabricated bridge to be created, a temporary bridge will be used. Wearing this temporary bridge is very important because it will protect the abutments or supports that Dr. Bridger has built, as well as protect your gums that are exposed. You will not have to keep yourself from smiling while waiting for your permanent bridge. As soon as your permanent bridge arrives at our office, we will contact you to set up an appointment to place the bridge.

While you are becoming accustomed to your new bridge, you will need to eat only soft foods for a few days to allow your mouth to heal and adjust. However, it won’t be long before your new bridge feels as natural as your own teeth. Now, you will be able to resume your regular diet without restrictions caused by the new bridge.

If you think you may be a good candidate for a bridge, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today!