Root Canals

A root canal becomes necessary treatment when the decay in your tooth has gone undetected for an extended period of time and has reached the pulp of the tooth. In some cases, the decay will even reach into the root of the tooth and the surrounding bone structure. This is usually accompanied by incredible pain. A root canal is the best option for preserving a natural tooth that has considerable decay.

At West Houston Dental Center, a root canal is a painless procedure where Dr. Bridger makes a small window in the top of your tooth, uses rotating instruments in the tooth root to remove the nerve and clean the inside of the root. The empty nerve space in the root is then filled with an inert material, a strengthening build-up filling is placed in the tooth, and then a crown is usually needed over the tooth to prevent shattering.

Our practice provides complete dental care, including specialty treatments like root canals. Dr. Bridger has advanced training in root canals and performs many each week. With the newest techniques and advances in dentistry, root canals are very gentle and can be completed pain-free!